• AREA51 Tether PRO+ Cables are now in Stock

    Very excited to announce that the new PRO+ tether cables from AREA51 are now in stock.

    Scott (renowned DIT & Digi Tech in New York) has redesigned the cables entirely - and they are now made with all metal connectors (camera end, repeater and computer end). The cable housing is more flexible yet tougher than the previous generation and overall they feel very premium - certainly the best cables I've ever handled.

    There are also a few under-the-hood improvements. First of all - the previous Power Delivery issues with certain cameras (Like Fuji, Canon R5) have been addressed and now you can use the 9.5M cables without any additional power. Further to that - you can use the Sandia XL 9.5m extension cable in addition to the Los Alamos or Roswell XL cables - giving you 19 meters tether cable WITHOUT USING ANY EXTERNAL POWER.