LSdigi is a London Based boutique Rental House supplying Stills Digital Capture and motion DIT Services to UK and International Clients. We help Photographers & DOP's achieve a smooth workflow and stress free environment while pushing the limits with the latest technology available.

All our Digital Technicians are experienced in all camera systems and seamless tethering with Capture One Software. We provide hardware colour calibrated Eizo Screens to ensure accurate colour replication, and the fastest Mac systems to keep up with tethered capture using high-megapixel systems. 

Our DIT stations are equipped with FSI Flanders DM240 grading monitors and run the industry standard Pomfort Silverstack & Livegrade software for backups and on-set live grading. We use custom built super-portable battery powered DITBOX setups which allow up to 4x camera Live Grade even in the most remote locations.

For more information please contact Laimonas on info@lsdigi.com or +4477 95065 694.




LSdigi has built close relationships with a number of Photographers, DOP's, Agencies and Production Companies in providing Digital Operators & DIT's and high-end Digital Capture Equipment Hire. Below are select few Photographers and Agencies with whom LSdigi works with.