Environmental Policy

Fighting the effects of Climate Change shouldn’t stop at Stills & Video Productions, so LSdigi has become a Carbon Neutral company as of January 2019 by offsetting carbon emissions from business activities such as equipment deliveries, flights abroad, and building electricity & heating.

Every month a donation is made to verified carbon reduction projects and trees are planted in London to help sustain wildlife and create clean air – offsetting 1 ton of co2 emissions (total of 12 tons a year) – which is more than double the actual LSdigi carbon emissions estimate (5.3 tCO2e).

Key Environmental Values

  • No single-use plastic on set and in the office
  • No single-use plastic in packing of equipment (cables are tested and packed in reusable pouches)
  • Only rechargeable batteries are used in all equipment provided by LSdigi (free of charge).
  • 100% renewable electricity is used at home & office (saving further 3085kg of CO2 emissions).

Download the Carbon Footprint Certificate here.