VESA Cheese Plate (3/8-16 & 1/4-20) for Eizo / NEC Monitors

Introducing one of my favourite products so far – the VESA monitor cheeseplate. Easily fitted onto any 75×75 or 100×100 VESA standard holes (eizo is 100×100) – this allows wireless transmitters such as TERADEK / HollyLand MARS 400S (or my Apple TV mount) to be quickly and securely attached using the 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 standard threads.

The plate is 3D Printed with SLS machines in PA2200 Nylon and dyed in Carbon Black matte finish. Its extremely tough and hard wearing.

The cheeseplate has 30x 3/8-16 and 20x 1/4-20 threads – so it will fit most common thread types used in the industry. The spacing is 1″ between corresponding thread type (similar to the DigiPlate).

The threads have been designed in Fusion360 and the whole plate & threads professionally 3D printed in SLS (not tapped afterwards). it works with metal screws or the Nylon SLS screws that are also sold on the store.

There is a 5mm offset from the monitor which you can see here. I noticed that while my trusty Eizo CG247 has a completely flat back panel – my new CG248 4K monitor has a slight bend – so a flat plate would not have fitted. The 5mm offset allows some breathing room and protects from the back panel to be scratched by screws that are longer than the plate thickness.

LSdigi Monitor Cheeseplate on an Eizo CG248 4K monitor and TetherTools Baby-Pin mount.
Here is Walker Anderson’s setup – Digitech from Raleigh, NC, USA
Another close-up of Walker’s setup using Inovativ plate.

The plate is usually a special order so please allow extra 7 days for production (or if you need it ASAP – let me know prior to ordering).

Here is the link to the shop:

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