Apple TV 4K / Eizo Quick Mount

I have been testing the use of Apple TV as wireless monitor over last year and have been really happy to break away from the usual 10 metre HDMI / DP limitation. The setup works incredibly well for client villages and can even be in a different room – as long as there is sufficient WiFi coverage. Via AirPlay you can have this running as a selective mirror or a separate display.

I usually run my own dedicated network with either 1 or 2 Wifi Nodes (with long ethernet cable between them) depending on the size of the location.

So far the only limitation I found is it works best on the Eizo 248 4K monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio rather than the older 247 range as it adds letter boxing and sometimes slight bluriness.

Apple TV 4K to Eizo Monitor Mount
Apple 4K Quick Mount on LSdigi VESA Plate
Supplied with 2x Nylon 3/8-16 Thumb Screws

Covid lockdown has finally provided me the time to design the quick mount bracket and start printing it on my own machine. Each print takes around 10h to print in eco friendly Volcano PLA filament.

Bottom View / accessibility for Power, HDMI and Ethernet Ports

The Apple TV Quick Mount is now available to purchase on the STORE.

Shipping Worldwide

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