New Wireless 4K Eizo Monitor Solution

For years now I have been offering a great monitor extension kit – it comes with 10 meter DP, HDMI, USB and Power cable all neatly braided. It works very well for most instances, however there have been a few occassions when we needed it to be further away (in a different studio / floor / building).

A few days ago I got an idea to create a new solution which is much more flexible and allows distances of 50m +

4K eizo wireless monitor sulution

The system consists of two wireless nodes (each giving out 5ghz & 2.4ghz private wifi network) connected with a 50 meter cat6 ethernet cable. The computer is connected to the base node via fast 5Ghz wifi connection – and on the other end an Airplay receiver (hooked up to the 4K Eizo) is also connected via wifi to the satellite node. The result is a super stable – long distance connection offering full 4K colour calibrated display with minimal latency.

The display can be configured to mirror the main screen, selectively mirror another monitor or act as an independant second monitor (e.g with a Capture One Viewer window).

This system could also be used when a super portable setup is needed. For example if you’re shooting in a big location and you need to move around a lot with a portable setup (Laptop, Digiplate, Tripod, Hyperjuice). Running this system eliminates the need for worrrying about display cables and allows you to move freely – with the monitor being in a set position for the client.

You could also run an iPad with Capture Pilot on the same network – its much faster and reliable than using busy studio / location networks so there’s significantly less lag and connection issues.

The kit comes in a neat Peli Case with TrekPak dividers and instructions for use.

The wireless monitor solution is now available for dry and wet hire at £50 / day + VAT, and the Eizo CG248 4K Monitor at £95 / day + VAT.

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