Hyperjuice 100Wh (USB-C) to Digiplate Quick-Mount now available

One of the first things that came to mind when I invested in a 3D printer was a simple and quick mount to attach the new 100Wh Hyperjuice Batteries that were for sale on Indiegogo & Kickstarter. The small size and full 100Wh Power Delivery appeared like a perfect combination to use with the Inovativ Digiplate Pro – as the old Hyperjuice 150 and 222Wh batteries were a bit too heavy / clunky, especially for use on a tripod. The only downside is that you need more batteries to last a whole day (I find that 4-5 is perfect) – hence the need for a quick tool / hassle free quick-swap.

A few months down the line I finally came up with a design that allowed a tool-free mounting of the hyperjuice without having to use the brackets. The mount is compact and low profile so it works well with the Digicase setup, especially if you have a complicated organisation system going like I do using TrekPak. Also if you use DigiLegs there will be plenty of room left underneath for clearance when the DigiPlate is on a table top.

3D Printed Hyperjuice to Digiplate Adapter
Compact Design allowing a more flexible organisation of the Digiplate
Professionally SLS 3D Printed in London using strong and durable Nylon material. Supplied with 2x 3/8-16 screws that are the correct length to secure to Digiplate without sticking out on the other end.

As my final design included 3D modelled threads I couldn’t print it in-house on my BCN3D R19. FDM Printers suffer from shrinkage and also printing the threads without supports was a bit too much to ask.

I didn’t want to compromise on the design so decided to outsource the printing to a well respected 3D Printing company based in London. They use top of the line SLS machines and Nylon material which is much more durable than PLA / PET-G available for most FDM machines.

FORMIGA P 110 printing the Hyperjuice Mounts

The adapter is now available for purchase on https://lsdigi.bigcartel.com/. It sold out in under 4 hours and more stock has been ordered (due to come in mid June).

Worldwide shipping available.

** This design is for the original 100Wh USB-C Hyperjuice battery that was released via indiegogo / kickstarter. They have recently started selling the new design (130wh) which will be available soon – as the design is slightly different. New battery is 2mm thicker and slightly shorter which will need a different mount. I will be offering a discount for people that have already ordered the original design and want to change to newer ones.

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