Arca Swiss Base for the Inovativ Digiplate Pro / Lite

Very excited to anounce the latest product created by LSdigi – and the first to have been professionally CNC milled from 6061 aluminium and anodised in black.

I have been using the amazing Inovativ Digiplate for several years now and one thing that I was getting frustrated with was having to manually attach the arca swiss plate each time I had to go from my inovativ scout / baby pin pole to a portable setup with a tripod and arca swiss quick release system. Also sometimes when moving around on the tripod the plate gets loose and you have to go looking for the allen key to tighten it up.

Then suddenly something clicked in my head and I whipped up a digiplate base design which had the arca swiss integrated. I made the base smaller to take up less space under the digiplate (which also fits better as I use the Digicase Pro with a complex Trekpak setup).

The LSdigi Arca Swiss Base is now available for purchase on the SHOP. Worldwide shipping available.

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