Hyperjuice 100W USB-C Batteries now in stock

After a long (6 month) wait – I have finally received 4x Hyperjuice 100Wh USB-C batteries with the fast charger.

I have been using the 222 and 150 combo and found that between the two it always lasted a full day’s shoot. One problem however is that due to the constantly changing airline regulations it’s now illegal to fly with the 222, and even the 150 is questionable (BA require written permission arranged before the flight).

Another drawback is that these batteries were not able to give full 87w needed for the new USB-C laptops (offering PD of 60w), meaning that while tethered shooting and/or processing – it would start to drain the battery.

These new super portable batteries FINALLY offer full USB-C charging meaning no more battery drain – as well as super fast charging when combined with their 112w charger – going from zero to full in 1 hour.

I managed to test these out on a shoot and found that the single battery gives approx 2-3 hours of shoot time (tethered, backing up via chronosync to multiple drives) on the 2018 6 core macbook pro – so it looks like 4x of these will be sufficient for a full shoot day.

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